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Michael Hinsvark - San Diego CA

Who: Mike was born and raised in Coronado and is the Son of Don Hinsvark a retired US Navy Seal Captain. Mike received his degree from SDSU in Business Administration while valet parking cars at the Hotel Del Coronado. He started in financial services in 1986 part time and since then he has traveled all over the world many times and became a CEOMD with WFG financial services and produced over 25 six figure earners, with over 11,000 agents and 30 branch offices across the country. In 2006 alone his organization produced over 12 million in premium and Mike was awarded his $500,000 Ring.

What: By December 31, 2013 Mike plans to have a team of 10,000 Virtual Associates, Be in all 50 States & Canada and produce over $2,000,000 of monthly premium.

Why: "I believe we have an amazing opportunity with VFG and that my experience, talents and abilities will allow me to help lead others to take advantage of the latest cutting edge tools, online resources and social media marketing to build a nationwide team and a business that gives our teammates the income to realize a lifestyle and freedom many families only dream of.